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Petrochina wang yilin: ordered in confidence in gold

Petrochina wang yilin: ordered in confidence in gold

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Petrochina wang yilin: ordered in confidence in gold

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In high pressure anti-corruption, falling oil prices bluffs type, state-owned enterprises reform is imminent, the new chairman wang yilin how to transform the oil in the big MAC state? Of 1.4 million people in the oil and how to work?

"In the task"

At eight o 'clock every morning to eight point five, three nine pages of material could be on time in Beijing dongzhimen north street 9, a dark grey office building 21 - oil building C layer of an office desk.

On duty is a "message", containing internal to affection, social situation, the company production and operation of dynamic; Is a "public opinion letters", containing oil, petroleum and petrochemical industry and in the state of public opinion.

Another "data overview" the most compelling. This piece of A4 paper trying to form A clear record of petroleum A shares, stock, stock data; Sinopec, cnooc, kunlun energy shares; The Shanghai and shenzhen index; Crude oil futures prices, gas delivery futures prices; The latest exchange rates.

The data on the past, this piece of A4 paper is one of the important decision-making basis, oil in top is known as "with this piece of paper, no matter at home and abroad, all information under control".

Now, the new master here also attach importance to these data. It is through these three material, every day he was able to see the details of super oil company that has 1.4 million employees.

The new owner is the seventh in the history of the oil in the "owners" wang yilin.

A year ago, on May 4, 2015, 59, wang yilin from near east erhuanxi dajie, Beijing deep blue cruise cnooc tower, back to dongzhimen oil in the building. In 2011, he was moved from here cnooc, chairman, party secretary.

And petrochina, sinopec and cnooc also change that day. Among them, former vice President of Chinese academy of engineering yu-pu wang ren sinopec chairman, party secretary; Cnooc's original Yang Huaren cnooc chairman, party secretary general manager.

At this time back to CNPC, wang yilin more like a fire captain. As petrochina a senior says, 2015 "in the oil is in a special sensitive time" :

Has lasted 2013 anti-corruption storm, sustained oil prices since 2014 and it is urgent to reform of state-owned enterprises are pounding the evolved from the ministry of petroleum industry "big MAC". Media were directly used "in the task" to describe the personnel.

Over the past year, the first time he will be written into "image" of the oil is the most important leading cadre conference documents, in order to change the public impression of oil corrupt shadow; Modify the corporate strategy has not changed for ten years.

Both familiar and strange place

To return to the former deputy general manager for seven years in the oil, wang yilin both familiar and strange to the company before.

Oil for over 30 years career, "technical" he almost spent in petrochina, familiar with the rules of the operation of the enterprise, the enterprise culture, etc.

In July 1982, after graduating from east China petroleum institute KanTanXi petroleum geology, the body on the phenomenon of "77, 78," the label of jiangsu wang yilin volunteered to xinjiang, for almost 22 years, karamay petroleum city "as their second home.

In kaixian county of chongqing in 2003 shortly after the "12 · 23" blowout accident, 47, wang yilin was appointed deputy general manager of CNPC, in charge of planning, science and technology, information, security, environmental protection, etc.

Seven years of the oil in the headquarters, he used to go to jilin petrochemical overnight blast, the disposal of the songhua river major water pollution event. He had witnessed in the high speed development of oil and oil in the public "monopoly and profiteering" "large, thick and proud".

Then swept by the oil system of anti-corruption storm, let the entire oil industry by surprise, many of them even have a meeting in a table, sing together "I when an oil workers much glory".

Is a reference data, in addition to zhou yongkang, jiang jiemin, when oil has five of the original three members of party members, the original management and 18 bureaus cadres, cadres from 16 place class, for serious disciplinary violations by the central planning survey.

Wang yilin once a men said, in the face of these old comrades of the same trenches in prison, it is hard to guess he now state of mind.

The very start, wang yilin moved into the former chairman zhou jiping said office directly. The 21 floor office is located in the oil in the building C display inside is very simple, in addition to politics books on the shelf, is the enterprise management as well as the petroleum and petrochemical professional books.

The most attractive is a Marine drilling platform model, showed that cnooc work experience; A bust, MAO zedong wrote to "serve the people".

Office on the second day, he met with visiting in a hurry "old friend" Fan Bodeng, chief executive of shell. Two months ago, they had just met in cnooc, then or cnooc chairman wang. Britain's financial times wrote, "they are still in the seat, on the first day on the second day they are outgoing".

"To make money, losing money can scold you"

The anti-corruption storm hit, when petrochina staff morale is very low, "dedicated oil and gas, but can't afford to stand erect. A detail is that a lot of oil workers are reluctant to carry with "China petroleum (7.310, 0.03, 0.41%)" logo paper bag out.

"From? Wang yilin focus first on the reshape corporate image.

Arrived a week later, he namely consult the original ministry of petroleum industry, corporation, and group co., LTD. Wang tao, Chen Geng old leader, the king found that the battle-scarred old leadership also very attention to the corporate image.

In fact, the oil companies is a bad image industry in common. "In the United States, it (shell) is one of the most hated people in the industry of a company. The industry in the opinion polls is always at the bottom." In his book why we hate oil companies, shell, former general manager John hoff meister wrote.

Attended in the United States for EMBA in oil to the southern weekend reporter said an executive at his teacher said energy nature of natural monopoly enterprises, compared with the public, the public generally bad impression. "This kind of enterprise, to make money, losing money scold you."

A north China, huabei oilfield, a 82 - year - old old worker Yang Liheng letter said, "to carry" the eldest son of the republic of "responsibility, makes us see the light, see power". In this letter write a three page letter, wang yilin pen draws the outline of a key, reply Yang Liheng personally.

"The image", however, the internal has a different voice: I offer the oil for our country, the daqing spirit, the ironman spirit is very good, there is no need to restore. In addition, questionable rebranding reshape enterprise, should not all businesses rebuilding.

To reach a consensus, wang yilin organizations within a certain range brewing discussed for many times, "at the party conference to discuss consensus".

On July 30, 2015, in the oil a year, one of the most important two meetings of the leading cadre conference held in hebei langfang. The theme at rebranding, steady development.

In the past, oil every leading cadre conference around such as five years planning, safe environmental protection, at the grassroots level construction project are discussed. "To restore a good image, this is the first time that petrochina's".

Perhaps to deepen the impression, in the face of the audience have created cadres, wang yilin slam the door in the original "deep shadow," said the justice, "' I as an oil workers more glory was painted with black shadow".

Wang yilin had mentioned many of the "slogan" easy to remember. For example, xinjiang petroleum administration bureau and xinjiang oil field company restructuring, a method called "two points combined" "big exploration" 16 words exploration strategy and policy.

This time, he also use 16 words: "what is a good image of" loyalty as fresh air, the wind is, the law of compliance, steady and harmonious. Purpose without him, as wang yilin said, "let the damage the image of the behavior."

Capital operation, this is a higher level"

And seven years ago, back to petrochina wang yilin of enterprise operation, capital operation with other understand.

Just go to cnooc, wang yilin also does not adapt. He sometimes inadvertently contrasts the two companies. For example, in the oil derived from national ministries and commissions, but cnooc life out, is highly marketable.

Cnooc "process short, quick decisions", petrochina executive ability is strong, solid foundation work.

"Culture, the spirit of enterprise, operation and enterprise management, he will be the reference of some of the oil method." The petrochina's top.

After return from cnooc to CNPC, wang yilin sometimes speak frankly, he thinks that the cnooc market consciousness, benefit consciousness, as well as the management refinement is better than in the oil.

Compared with other state-owned enterprises' reform, the action of petrochina has been tepid.

Took office after a month, wang yilin is through the refining, marketing autonomy in operation of the enterprise to expand the pilot scheme, a one-time launched 68 specific reform key task.

Wang yilin, "should be resolutely rectified deviation on the development concept, speed up the transfer mode, the structure, the speed of the extensive development of scale, from the main to the stable development of quality benefit."

Compared with internal reform, the public is more interested in the oil how to break monopoly, absorb the social capital. In July 2015, wang yilin talks with xu shaoshi, director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), xu shaoshi hope CNPC in the field of oil and gas system reform, opening to the outside world, actively carry out pilot work advocate complementary separation, etc.

A petrochina executives told southern weekend reporter wang yilin is very emphasis on capital operation, "used oil can also do in capital operation, but after he came back very fast".

This rather than during the period of cnooc, leading Chinese enterprises overseas m&a largest - Canada Nixon company mergers and acquisitions. So far, it is said, he is proud to Nixon acquisition, in petrochina had mentioned.

November to December, 2015, CNPC have announced the three major asset restructuring.

First, the central Asian gas pipeline assets reorganization, sell central Asia pipeline company 50% stake in the introduction of strategic investors; Second, the integration of its eastern pipeline, pipe joint and northwest united three companies, total assets of more than 281.3 billion yuan, this is known as the "establishes the first step in the independent oil and gas pipeline". Third, the kunlun kunlun gas energy and two "kunlun" restructuring, the purpose is to solve the internal competition and redundant construction.

According to the southern weekend reporter understanding, three major assets restructuring released by Christmas last year, is the result of application approval, wang yilin in internal clear requirements "work no more than 31 December, all programs have to go out".

"We are a production enterprise, capital operation, this is a higher level." Petrochina said the senior.

$10 years ultra-low prices

In fact, wang yilin took over in the oil, so did not expect oil prices will fall. On the same day, the New York mercantile exchange crude oil prices up to $59.15 a barrel, London brent crude oil price of $66.46 a barrel.

Since late June, the international oil prices fell for the New York mercantile exchange crude oil prices one by one, $40, 50 in December fell below $35 a barrel. Want to know a year ago, the international oil prices at the end of 2015 is expected to rebound to $70 - $80 a barrel.

Oil prices fall outside the precipice, gas price adjustment makes 72.7% of the domestic natural gas production in the oil down - in November 2015, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) to lower the price of a non-resident with gas door station, the decline in 0.7 yuan/cubic meter.

At the same time coming and state-owned assets supervision and administration of profit evaluation. "Superior objective task is still arduous." In October last year, wang yilin admitted at internal operating pressure in the fourth quarter.

In its internal had $40 / barrel oil prices situation earnings pressure test, the result shows that if not revolutionary measures, will face the overall losses during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" huge risks.

Many oil executives in on January 20, 2016 the day remember this day, solar terms it is, the coldest day of the year, petrochina in 2016 working meeting. One day, the New York mercantile exchange, international crude oil price closed at $28.46 a barrel, refresh their lowest level since September 2003.

Was circulated a joke is: "today, Brent crude oil of $27.79 a barrel, the farmer mountain spring 2 yuan / 500 ml, convert, nongfu spring 4000 yuan/ton, 1344 yuan/ton of crude oil. It's the spring rain your such as oil."

One day, wang yilin said in work conference seriously, "companies are facing the overall losses the crisis, the survival and development face a serious threat." "The overall losses and free cash flow is positive" for must hold two line.

One can imagine the slump in oil prices, oil companies charge pressure. 2016 years of oil in particular, a quarterly results show that the first three months, China's oil net loss attributable to the parent company shareholders is RMB 13.78 billion yuan.

During the two sessions, and he said to the media, despite facing challenges of lower oil prices, the company won't mass layoffs.

Work in xinjiang oilfield, wang yilin had experienced a period of low oil prices - at the beginning of 1999, the international oil price is only $10 a barrel. He have experienced, the financial crisis in 2008 after its historic peak of $147.

"In his internal said that oil is unlikely to collapse, no matter how oil prices fell, the key work themselves." Petrochina said one executive.

"The level of the world standard is not enough"

Oil external expression of a lot of attention will find oil in the last decade of the company's strategy changed.

The most obvious change is that, from 2005 began to mention the strategy of "resources, market, internationalization" of a new word "innovation".

Innovation strategy is "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning of oil in the study, some experts believe should add the" green ", some experts believe should add "innovation", after internal discussion, wang yilin also accord with the national development concept innovation is the actual demand of petrochina.

Wang yilin, of course, the reason to innovation, on the one hand, stems from its period in xinjiang had been long in the first line, he wrote "the discovery of shixi oilfield in junggar basin and efficient development" was awarded second prize of national science and technology progress; On the other hand, during the period of petrochina as deputy general manager, he was in charge of science and technology, understand the importance of science and technology of petroleum and petrochemical industry.

In fact, in a enterprise based on the oil industry, some strategic planning, and even small vocabulary, often wary. Besides, this time, wang yilin more strategic change.

The most obvious is the "world first-class comprehensive international energy company" development goals. In fact, in the past ten years, there are two kinds of petrochina company development goals to occupy the mainstream, is an integrated international energy company "construction", without restrictions; One is the "world level integrated international energy company".

It claims to be in the oil, said a senior "world class" is the best, "world level" is an average. The levels of the standard is not enough.



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